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Entrepreneur Success

Few dreams hold a more revered place in the American psyche than succeeding as an entrepreneur. The American Dream is notoriously elusive and difficult to define, especially in times as socially and economically turbulent as these. Nevertheless, it has always centered at least in part around the sort of entrepreneurial spirit and money-making opportunities for which America is famous.

Still, even this has problems. From The Great Gatsby to Babbitt and beyond, American literature has long questioned that ethos, while real-life entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, while successful, have been complex figures. So, what do you need to know to achieve your own enterprising version of the American Dream?

Learn to Read People

To begin with, you must learn how to read people successfully.

This is part of the charm and power of a character like Gatsby. As Nick Carraway tells us, he always seems to be “prejudiced in your favor.” Whatever character flaws he may have, Gatsby knows how to read people and make them feel like he’s charming and on their side. Both of which are enormous plusses for those looking to succeed in business.

From motivating coworkers to inspiring investors so they’ll fund your ambitions, being able to read and connect with people is a must.

Learn to Read the Economic Tealeaves

So, too, is having a good sense for business. Being a good people person won’t count for much if you always make the wrong call so far as the market is concerned. Read respected financial publications, browse online outlets, do your market research – whatever it takes. Figure out which way the wind is blowing economically at all costs. Even with that information, success is not guaranteed, but it’s all but prohibited without it.

This is especially true when it comes to investing. Remember how important it was to get investors to believe in you? Now it’s time to look at things from their perspective. Be careful about which projects you support, and make sure you can withstand any unexpected setbacks.

Learning to read people and the markets is essential to getting your entrepreneurial dreams started.