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Soft Skills

Given how much work today requires credentialing or other forms of specialized training, it should come as no surprise that employers are more interested in skill sets than ever before. Sure, skills have always been of immense importance when applying for jobs. But today, you can’t even think about applying for specific positions in many sectors until you have obtained unique credentials. Whatever the pros and cons of that may be, the fact remains that “hard skills” remain essential for applicants and hiring managers alike.

But what about “soft skills?” Although credentialing or unique tech and digital training are essential, if you don’t have some basic people skills which are vital for the workforce, you may have a hard job getting hired.

Learning Creativity

One of the upsides of freelancing is the fact that it typically leaves a little more room for personal freedom when working, which can, in turn, spark increased creativity. This can prove to be a great bonus for businesses that are looking to capitalize on that creative spark. Whether you’re good with words, are a video editing whiz, are a budding graphic artist, being able to integrate them into your job can be a big plus.

Learning Communication

By contrast, one of the biggest drawbacks of solo freelancing for hirers is the fact that such individuals are assumed not to have the “soft skills” necessary to communicate well or be team players. As a freelancer, you’ll face an uphill battle to dispel this notion. Doing group projects in-person as well as online, can be a good start.

Learning Adaptability

Above all, you need to be professionally and personally flexible. That’s true of any worker and is especially true of freelancers, who have to tailor their skills and schedules to different work and employers as the need arises.

The job market can be tough, and as a freelancer, you’ll face your unique challenges when job hunting. With these soft skills, however, your chances of getting hired for a freelancing gig can be dramatically increased.