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Nicole Brzyski

Freelance Writer


A little bit about Nicole.

Nicole Brzyski is currently a freelance writer who has a passion for developing compelling and successful content. She has expertise in marketing and business, which helps Nicole in her freelance writing. She can craft creative marketing, advertising, public relations, and web copy. Nicole also creates content marketing and social media content. Nicole Brzyski is masterful at writing messaging that creates action for her clients. 

What drives Nicole Brzyski is the ability to help entrepreneurs and small businesses determine how and what they want to say to represent their business. Nicole Brzyski has experience writing for both consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) audiences. She is also comfortable writing in a variety of voices that can help create the right tone for a company. 

Before beginning her career as a freelance writer, Nicole Brzyski attended university. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Seton Hall University. Her original career path included getting her bachelor’s degree before heading to law school, once that was completed. However, the recession caused her career path to take a turn, and Nicole began working in marketing. 

Nicole’s Story

More details about her career and life.

Nichole Brzyski spent a few years working and living in Washington, DC and New York City after college. She worked for an association management firm where her responsibilities included assisting trade associations, professional organizations, and nonprofits to grow their memberships successfully. She also helped these firms to become thought leaders in their industries. While working at this job, Nicole Brzyski was able to serve as the membership director for New York Women in Communications in 2013. New York Women in Communications is a not-for-profit association that aims to help women at every stage of their career in communications. Nicole enjoyed this part of the job because she was able to connect and work with talented women in the communications industry every day. 

After spending a few years working in DC and New York, Nicole Brzyski moved and began a job as a marketing and communications manager for a global real estate franchisor. Her daily tasks and responsibilities included writing and curating content for over 300 independently owned and operated companies around the globe. Nicole drafted content designed for various outlets, including print and digital marketing campaigns, advertising, and public relations efforts. At this time, Nicole was writing multiple types of copy daily and began to see her writing skills improve and sharpen. 

Nicole Brzyski learned the skills and techniques needed to succeed in a writing-based career. After four years of working as a marketing and communications manager, Nicole decided to begin freelance writing. Her passion and skill for writing about topics she might not have had any prior knowledge about, helped her to take the leap into the world of freelance writing.

As a freelance writer, Nicole Brzyski creates and edits copy for various mediums. She helps her clients with multiple jobs and tasks, including writing blog posts and website content. Aside from writing, Nicole is also skilled in drafting layouts for infographics and brochures as well as designing and building websites. Her typical clients include entrepreneurs and small businesses.